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Report Automation: Key For Businesses To Avoid These 3 Issues

Weber Co, Flywheel Digital, Cocofinder, and are among the many businesses that have been saved by automated reporting. Report automation has saved businesses lots of time, cost and revenue due to how productive it can be. Beyond just being more productive, it helps businesses make decisions 5x faster. Furthermore, it actually helps businesses to avoid these 3 issues that cause immense harm to a business. So without further adieu, let’s jump into the 3 issues report automation can help your business avoid!

Report Automation: Key For Businesses To Avoid These 3 Issues

  1. When there are humans, there will be errors

  2. What you cannot decrypt, will not betray you

  3. Less time, less cost yet simple and valuable

When There Are Humans, There Will Be Errors

When it comes to reporting and data, it can be very costly if mistakes or errors are made during the process of inputting the data. Even if the data input is correct, errors can happen when generating the report. However through report automation, it can be processed and generated accurately with zero hassle. Lest you wish to learn the lesson the hard way like me. From where I used to work, we had data at our disposal but due to limitations of software, we had to pluck these data out into a separate file and generate our report from there using excel. We took two days to finalize the report yet the end product was riddled with errors!

The end numbers were incorrect according to our MI department and the percentages were way higher than it was supposed to be. We proceeded to work through the whole report from head to toe for over 8 hours only to realize it was caused by 1 misplaced dot, 2 mistyped numbers and 1 wrong formula in a single column. As you would expect, we were completely devastated by such a minor error, I could only begin to imagine how much it would have cost the business if they did not realize and use this inaccurate data. As such, report automation can not only prevent human error, it can also potentially save lots of time, mental capacity and the wellbeing of employees!

What you cannot decrypt, will not betray you

Since report automation does not require human interference, it can handle some of the most sensitive data without fear of this data being leaked or being collected and used for nefarious purposes. Especially with an immense emphasis placed on privacy and data security, report automation can save businesses lots of money from lawsuits as well as lots of revenue from data being stolen and sold to competitors. With report automation, only selected users can view these data and use it to the benefit of the company!

Less Time, Less Cost Yet Simple And Valuable

As stated above, report automation helps save time, cost as well as protect businesses from potential risk from data leakage. However, that is not all for report automation! Imagine if you had to work through excel, keying in all this data, inserting the necessary formulas, analyzing these data into the right pivot table format and needing to shift the variables around. If by now this sounds like a nightmare to you, report automation could be a dream come true to resolve your nightmare. Report automation processes data and churns it out in simple and easy to understand visual aids such as graphs, tables and charts. Furthermore, if you would like to view different variables or different types of visual aids, a simple click of a button could do just that in a matter of seconds!

All in all, report automation can save you cost, time and protect you from risk of these 3 issues while securing tons of benefits for you and your business!). Imagine losing your competitive edge against your competitors due to inaccurate data or human errors! Interested to know more about report automation and many more topics relating to BI? Fret not! Inquire now or check out our solutions to take an in-depth look at how you can adopt BI for your business today!


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