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Usher Security

Usher: The new enterprise security solution

The mobile powered security solution for enterprises that's ready to replace current security practices.


Usher replaces your physical badges, passwords, and security tokens with digital badges delivered via smartphones. These digital badges lock down logical and physical assets without sacrificing convenience.

Key advantages of using Usher Security

Get access to logical assets with ease

Cluttered and having trouble remembering passwords? Usher takes the hassle away. With simple, easy to use authentication factors you can gain access to your secured logical assets.

Digital identity

With Usher, you can forget about using physical key cards and badges that are easy to misplace. Gain access to secured premises with your personalized digital badges delivered in your smart phone.

Secured cloud based platform

Administrating identities of your company has never been so easy. Thanks to cloud based platform, the administration of digital badges is centralised, preventing identity theft and impersonation.

Features of Usher Security

Digital identity


Conveniently manage identity and boost security with smartphone-based digital identity badges.






Integrate with existing physical security solutions to secure doors and offices with convenient and powerful user authentication.





Go beyond passwords with a variety of authentication methods to lock down logical assets.

Identity and access management

Eliminate the hassle and risk of using personally identifiable information with Usher's intuitive peer-to-peer validation.

Combine multi-factor authentication with native device capabilities to deliver a smooth user authentication experience.

Build a holistic view of your identity landscape, so you can fine-tune security and drive business value.

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No. 11, Jalan Astana 5/KU2,

Bandar Bukit Raja, 41050 Klang,

Selangor Darul Ehsan

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