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Micromanage your company resources in a breeze

Know your business thoroughly in matter of seconds with our comprehensive yet easy to understand dashboards.

Performance Plus

Performance Plus is a business intelligence solution that integrates multiple data source, embedded with domain and subject matter expertise, secured user authentication to improve and optimize business decisions and performance. Check out how Performance Plus can help your business grow in the video.

Key Advantages of using Performance Plus

Micromanagement of valued enterprise resource


For greater and sustainable profitability, it’s important to know your business inside out to make the right quality decisions. Performance Plus let you see business operation with great details and granularity.

Early detection of performance failure


Daily monitoring and tracking of key KPIs and metrics can trigger escalation alert to relevant KPI owners for swift corrective actions.

Revenue leakage prevention system


The best revenue leakage solution is deterrent. Higher degree of operational transparency can detect any abnormal patterns and non-compliance.

Is Performance Plus the right tool for my industry?

Absolutely. Performance Plus has embedded relevant subject matter expertise to cater all industries’ management needs. Optional add-on tools could be included in your suite to suit your business requirements.


Executive Suite


RM 3890

Executive Suite includes:

100 GB data
Escalation alert
Annotation and Share
5 users

Enterprise Suite


RM 6820

Enterprise Suite includes:

200 GB data
Escalation alert
Annotation and Share
10 users

Note: Monthly subscription price does not include add-on tools and setup fees

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