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How Can Your Salesperson Use BI To Hit Their Sales Target?

Entering the endemic, when there are more and more walk-in customers coming back, you might have recruited many new trainee salespeople. However, without your close supervision, trainee salespeople might not obtain an adequate amount of sales themselves. Even though you already have a good commission system designed for your salespeople, you still realize that it is still enough to motivate the sales person to strive for their monthly sales target. Especially at the end of the month, when the monthly sales performances are concluded for sales commision calculation purpose, that is the only time when sale people can get a closer look of how they have performed, and this is the only time when sales manager are able to give feedback to salespeople based on their overall monthly performance.

Through the sales performance data, you as a sales manager would understand each sales person’s area where they performed well and area where they require improvements. However, it takes hours for you every day just to look through and analyze the daily sales performance of each sales person. At this point, you might be wondering whether there is a faster way for you to understand your salespeople’s individual sales performance, so quick and specific feedback could be provided to each of the sales people before it is too late. Well, let us take a look at how you can fully utilize the sales data you obtain in your P.O.S data to help your salesperson get closer to their sales target!

How Can Your Salesperson Use Business Intelligence To Hit Their Sales Target?

  1. Finding Out All Your Salespeople’s Near Real-Time Performance Within Just Few Clicks

  2. Understand How Salespeople’s Performance Through Informational Visual Diagrams

  3. Counteract With Specific Sales Strategies Before The End Of The Month

Finding Out All Your Salespeople’s Near Real-Time Performance Within Just Few Clicks

Usually, if you want to know how your salespeople perform on a specific promotion day, how long does it take for you to view all of your salespeople’s sales data? Imagine how much time could be saved if you could view your salespeople on the same platform without extracting, processing and filtering the sales data? With BI solutions, you can now view how each sales person performs with just a few clicks on your portal even without your salespeople updating you hourly on your Whatsapp group. In just a few clicks, you will be able to know which sales person performs best and worst in selling which product or service. At the same time, your sales person can also view their ranking among all salespeople and view their respective sales target achievement progress every week before they start their work week.

Understand Salespeople’s Performance Through Informational Visual Diagrams

Usually, if you are only interested in certain aspects or areas of the sales data, with only a P.O.S report, you might need to look from one tab to another just to extract that specific piece of data. For example, you are interested in the best and worst seller promotion packages, and also the best and worst seller cross sales items. You might need to go to columns from different tabs of the spreadsheets just to copy and compile them together on a single tab to obtain the information that you need. On the other hand,with BI solution, you can now see all your sales data being automatically presented in your preferred way such as graphs, charts and tables that enable you to quickly understand the overall sales performance of your store or area; while your sales person could also quickly understand which specific area of sales are they lacking timely.

Counteract With Specific Sales Strategies Before The End Of The Month

Lastly, whenever your monthly sales plan goes sideways, you can quickly come out with an action plan that is supported by near real-time sales data. With quick and easily understood insight from your BI platform, you could get better buy-in from your sales person and even your boss when your action plans are in accordance with the sales insights obtained. Especially when you want to know the acceptance level of a new product or service, near real time data would definitely help you better determine the next course of action. Without long delay, that is the time you can provide immediate and specific sales coaching to each sales person and even propose potential improvement ideas to your boss to better help your sales person to reach their respective sales target. At the same time, the clear sales insights would allow your salespeople to know the specific areas they could discuss during individual sales coaching.

All in all, we can see how BI can potentially save your time, allowing you to prioritize devising strategic action plans that would benefit both your salespeople and your company. Wondering where you can get an affordable BI solution that is customized to your needs? Fret not as we are able to provide you with the necessary tools and services to assist you in your digital transformation journey! Interested? Check out our solutions to take an in-depth look at how you multiply your store’s sales today!


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